Black Dashboard Laravel

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard built for Laravel 5.5 & up

Go from prototyping to a fully-functional web app faster. Backend included. Save hours of development with 16 fully coded components and out of the box CRUD for managing users and profile editing.
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Hi, I`m Dragos, one of the creators of Black Dashboard Laravel, together with the guys from Creative Tim and UPDIVISION. We know, based on our own experience, that starting from scratch is time-consuming​, especially in web development. That`s why we created an easy way to go from prototyping to a fully-functional web app. Backend included. Black Dashboard Laravel is released under MIT license, so you can use it both for personal and commercial projects for free. The out of the box CRUD for managing users and profile editing is a must for any app you`re going to build. The dashboard combines colors​​s which are easy on the eye, spacious cards and beautiful typography and graphics, which makes it ideal for data visualization. All components can be easily customized using SASS files, while the dashboard comes in two versions, Dark Mode and Light Mode. Below are some useful links if you want to contribute and give feedback: • Product on Creative Tim: • Live Preview: • GitHub Repo: • Documentation: For those who want more CRUD functionalities (role, category, tag and item management), plug-ins (like DateTimePicker, Full Calendar, Sliders etc.) or example pages, please check out the PRO version here: You can use the coupon "30exclusive-product-hunt" for a 30% Discount. You can also check out this guide for 6 web apps you can start building right away with any of our Laravel PRO versions: And don`t forget to let us know what you think in the comments! Your feedback is very valuable, as it helps us make Black Dashboard Laravel better.