The world’s first cryptocurrency index fund.

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Bitwise's first product, the Bitwise Hold10 Private Index Fund, is a market cap-weighted basket of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by network value. Backed by AngelList founder Naval Ravikant.

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Derek Jobst
  • Derek Jobst
    Derek JobstUPenn '17, Engineer @ RaiseMe

    A managed, re-balanced index of the top 10 cryptocurrencies


    Wish I could invest as a non-accredited investor

    Looks good guys!

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Eddie Cohen
Eddie Cohen@eddiecohen
This seems extremely promising! I'd much prefer to invest in the Bitwise Hold10 instead of any single cryptocurrency.
Hunter Horsley
Hunter HorsleyMaker@hunter_horsley
Hi Adam, thanks for posting this. Hong and I are the cofounders of Bitwise. Thought I'd say hello and thank you! The goal for Bitwise is to make it easier for people to invest in cryptocurrency. Our first vehicle, the Bitwise HOLD 10 Private Index Fund aims to be a low cost, convenient, and safe way to own a portfolio of the top 10 cryptocurrenies, which comprise 85% of the market. There's a lot of information on our site: We also wrote a blog post with more detail and a bit about what we're trying to accomplish with the company: We love thinking about the details, both from an engineering perspective and financial. There's tons to consider. Happy to hear from anyone who has thoughts on the space or what we're doing.
Dennis van Dalen
Dennis van Dalen@ieatsalot · Turn complexity into simplicity
This is nice, I want this.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams@xcadaverx
Pass me 'dat invite. 8)
Derek Jobst
Derek JobstHiring@derekjobst · UPenn '17, Engineer @ RaiseMe
This is some exciting stuff!