A free, open source, and cross platform password manager.

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Felipe Vásquez
Carsten Heidmann
Kyle P Chadwick
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    Open Source, AES-256 Encryption and more!



    This is the best password manager you can get..... It is open source, end-to-end aes-256 encryption. You can self-host the app for 10$/Annualy. Available for Linux/Windows/MacOS, Android/IOS, Google Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Vivaldi/Opera/Safari/Microsoft Edge/Tor/. You can access it via Web and you can use CLI.

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  • Kyle P Chadwick
    Kyle P ChadwickEngineer, motion analysis and AR

    password generator, multi-platform support, FREE


    can't think of any

    works so seamlessly, I forget to appreciate how good it is!

    Kyle P Chadwick has used this product for one year.