Bittracker 2.0

Simply crypto tracker lets you compare value to luxury items

Bittracker – Wallet Tracker is a cryptocurrency tracking app for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Use our widget and track our crypto easily from your lock screen.

Or: Track your crypto with Lambo's, unicorns, watches, famous soccer player values and real estate!

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I recommend you guys to use API from crypto compare or pull data directly from exchenges and then convert it to USD, and from there to Lambo and all other items, since the app is cool, but you just need more coins to track.


Different currencies of denomination

Fun user experience


Needs more cryptocurrencies to track

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That’s what we’re currently working on ;). Thanks for the input!
I like the idea of tracking value against luxury items - you could let app users suggest items ... private jets, trips to Mars, everlasting life etc 😅 @sam0711er
@abadesi Love the idea! Users also expressed ideas like pizza, coffee etc :D
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