BitTorrent Live for iOS

BitTorrent's P2P live video app is now available on iPhone

U.S only 😑
@kevinohlsson We currently only have agreements with programmers to distribute in the US.
Only in US, what about others?
Checkout the coverage on TechCrunch To get channels to sign on, BitTorrent Live will need more viewers… which will require better content. That’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. But with today’s launch bringing it to a massively distributed mobile platform, it could start to attract an audience worthy of luring in better channel makers.
great quality.. almost uninterrupted.. only NASA few more hope to see more
@sunnyua2u There are more channels. You can drag a view up from the bottom of other things on right now.
@eriks thank you 😊
@ErikS any idea if BitTorrent would provide us with an rtmp like so I can submit live concerts via manycam or livestream studio?
@brucekraftjr We're pretty channel centric right now. We will be looking into adding some more event based programming later. Feel free to shoot me an email at eriks (at) bittorrent (dot) com