An Ultimate Cryptocurrency Screening Tool

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BitScreener - An Ultimate Cryptocurrency Screening Tool Whether you are a day trader, swing trader, or just a cryptocurrency holder it can be a nightmare trying to keep track of all your investments. Let me repeat that... complete... damn... nightmare! I am mostly a long-term holder of cryptocurrency, with a few swing trades thrown in there for good measure, so even with my very small amount of trades it can be hard to keep track of my profits and losses from my coins. That is why having a good cryptocurrency portfolio management app is crucial for knowing how well your investments are doing and what their real value is. According to information, there were created 21 Mln blockchain wallets by December 2017 and seems like the number of investors will keep on growing. Ok, if you want to make an apt investment you need to have a handy tool to keep track of ups and downs of all cryptocurrencies you are going to invest in. Meet the BitScreener. The tool was released in July 2017 and proved to be the best cryptocurrency monitoring tool you can find. The BitScreener contains an up-to-date information about more than 1200 cryptocurrencies. So far this is the most comprehensive informational storage. BitScreener can provide you with the most accurate and detailed information regarding literally all cryptocurrencies. BitScreener gives the user the ability to: - filter coins based on different market criteria; - overlay important chart technical indicators; - access aggregate cryptocurrency news; - read latest tweets; - join Reddit discussions; - find markets and exchanges stats; - reveal coins similar to the one of your interest; - the latest news about all coins. Basically, this is an all in one platform for your successful cryptocurrency trading career. The home page contains an overview of major cryptocurrencies, as well as a handy heatmap which shows the market cap of cryptocurrencies.