100x faster video transcoding by the MPEG-DASH creators

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I'm just curious, how do you guys expect to beat Pied Piper?
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@kurtybot you beat me to it.
@jasondainter @kurtybot you beat me saying you beat me to it
@kurtybot PiedPiper and bitmovin are a good fit ... as we are compression-codec agnostic, we can make their stuff faster and increase their weissman score ;-)
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We should add a weissman score so that we can really compare ;). Funny fact beside that is that many things from the show happened also to us, our first demo was a livestream that was not working at the beginning :D
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It's now possible for basically anyone to do Netflix-quality video transcoding to every possible format, and properly support streaming with random access - and also do it 100x faster. Bitmovin has figured out a way to chop up a video, transcode each frame in parallel, then put it back together, resulting in an extreme speedup. They're also thinking ahead about future formats by already are supporting VR video formats too.
We have a close look at WebRTC, but we haven't used it in our products (yet). But there are great companies like or having solutions using WebRTC for P2P.
Hi, I'm co-founder of bitmovin and happy to answer questions! Feel free to try out our bitcodin encoding service for free, 100x faster than other services, in Netflix-grade quality
@slederer Hey Stefan. Great product buddy. Waiting to see more on the VR side. Cheers! :)
@slederer have you guys done any analysis on potential battery life savings on phones, tablets or laptops? Seems like there is massive opportunity for HW/OSes to save cycles.
@someear @slederer We haven't made any specific research on that but as we only output adaptive video bitrate streaming formats such as MPEG-DASH and Apple HLS we have some advantages there. Due to the segmented nature of these protocols mobiles can download segment by segment and when the buffer is fully filled the mobiles can but the WiFi or generally the network chip into sleep mode, which helps to save battery life. Beside that MPEG-DASH can be used with HTML5 native in your browser (at least on chrome now and on firefox in the future) and as Netflix mentioned ( this increases your battery life savings, due to the simple fact that no flash or other plugin is needed.