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BitLift is the place you shop with crypto! Sellers add their products, connect their Coinbase Commerce wallet and get paid by the customer directly at checkout. Zero fees, no middle men - exactly how crypto should be! #CryptoCommerce
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On the 9th anniversary of the first "real world" Bitcoin transaction 🍕 we're thrilled to introduce BitLift to the Product Hunt community 🚀! Contrary to popular belief, the number of people using crypto for payments is wildly under reported. Since 2013 our eCommerce company has done 8k+ crypto transactions with 3k+ crypto friendly customers. We've learned a lot about #CryptoCommerce Fun Fact: 75% of people who hodl crypto use 1 wallet, which they consider their savings account. The 25% of people who have a second wallet are 10x more likely to shop and pay friends with crypto! Takeaway: If you want crypto to succeed don't just hodl, download a mobile wallet, throw a little coinage on there and spread the love 💚 💸 Here's a few reasons we built BitLift: - We want to inspire more people to use crypto as money - not just speculation - Many eCommerce entrepreneurs we've talked to aren't comfortable integrating crypto payments into their site, but they want to start tinkering with crypto and learning more - There are thousands of sites across the internet which accept crypto, but no single place to shop them all - Nothing sounds like more fun than leveraging all we've learned about #CryptoCommerce to help other eCommerce entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency succeed We've partnered with a few crypto friendly brands for today's launch, but our #1 goal is to GROW the number of sellers in the marketplace. So if you know any crypto friendly brands or eCommerce companies looking to tinker with crypto for the first time please send them our way! If you're up for spedning some crypto, Leather Patch Company is selling a limited edition Bitcoin Pizza Day hat, or you can buy a BitLift sticker pack for just a buck to take us for a spin! Happy to answer any questions you have about #CryptoCommerce, BitLift or any feedback you've got!

I am starting to look for ways to shop here and utilize bitcoin for all my day to day transactions, this is a great first step!


Fun new way to use Bitcoin!


Need to have more products, but I am sure they are on their way!

This fills a hole in the cryptoworld - where you spend your crypto. Looking forward to this marketplace growing this year!
Looks pretty great, will definitely be using it to shop!

So far the product launch has exceeded all my expectations! Nice work team BitLift!


Easy and quick payment!


More products but this is an awesome start! Something fun I can enjoy just bought two forever spins.