Bites 2

Ready-to-use HTML/CSS popups to grab customers attention

Bites 2 it is a pack of 80 cute ready-to-use popups with really clean html/css-code and free Figma sources. With them, you will grab your customers attention without any annoyance.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hey fellows! 👏 Today we are glad to introduce you the second version of Bites. We added 40 new popups, wrote the documentation and made the installation easier. So now you can connect any popup you like to your site in fast and simple way! Also I'm glad to get your feedback and questions, I am here to answer them all! As always, on release, we provide you a 30% discount with PH-30 promo code. Use it in checkout popup. Thanks!
Is it $ 38 per month ? and are you offering any free trial ?
@hammad_akbar Hey, Hammad! Thanks for your interest! Bites pack is available as a single product, no any subscriptions, pay once, only yours. And yeah, we have a demo popup. You can try to connect it to your site, before purchasing. Best, Denis.
Great job! 😊 Any WordPress plug in available for it?
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot! About WP, unfortunately not yet. :(
It'd be cool to specify in which format exactly. Is it just the design of popups (sketch/photoshop etc) or already coded into HTML (html/css/js), or both? Anyways, good luck.
@baidoct Thanks for note! Yeah, it is HTML/CSS code with free Figma sources. Just changed the description. Cheers!