Bitcoin Volatility

Silicon Valley's Bitcoin price alerts for everyone 🤑

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Someone made that Gilfoyle's alert that plays death metal whenever bitcoin’s price moves 😂


Abashin Yan
Dinuka Jayasuriya
Jesper Sandberg


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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Ha! Most stress-inducing product of the day award goes to...
Stefano Rosso
Stefano Rosso@stefano_rosso1 · I 💓 building stuff-Maker of ⚡
I was waiting for someone brave enough to build this 😄
Bruno Lemos
Bruno Lemos@brunolemos · Developer
It didn't make any sound for me. Tried on iOS Safari.
Aleksander Skjoelsvik
Aleksander Skjoelsvik@alekplay · I like making things
@brunolemos same, doesn't seem to be working with Safari on Mac either.
Aaron Kazah
Aaron Kazah@aaron_kazah · Software Developer and Anime Enthusiast.
@brunolemos @alekplay Doesn't work with Chrome on Mac
Andre Christoga Pramaditya
Andre Christoga Pramaditya@drepram · 15-year-old developer & technopreneur.
@brunolemos @alekplay @aaron_kazah Work's with Chrome on Mac.
Utku Genel
Utku Genel@utkugenel · Back-End Developer
I made another version of this site. more flexible. url:
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good