Bitcoin Socks

Amazing, organic cotton Bitcoin socks

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Yo! A friend of mine manufactures organic cotton socks in Cape Town, South Africa. He's also a cryptocurrency fan, so for fun we made a batch of Bitcoin socks to celebrate Halving Day! The socks are organic cotton and one size fits most. And yes, of course we have a discount for Product Hunters πŸ˜‰ Use promo code ProductHunter and get 10% off any order. Wrap your feet in the power of Blockchain! πŸ‘£
I'm not sure how this can't be a great idea. Block-chain your feet. Classic.
I love this idea. Bitcoin socks!
I nearly bought some, but i have huge feet (european 46) this would be the first time i hear about one size fits most with socks. Do you think they would fit?
@talkb1nary Hey Roman, hopefully they will fit! We produce socks that cater for a maximum of size EU47. We have lots of customers who wear at EU47.
@nicharry Well worst that could happen is a present for my small feeted geek friends. Therefore, thanks for the coupon, bought :) Seeing forward to try them on. Kudos to your friend, great idea (and just the right moment, probably)
Too bad Canada post is on strike, So I cant get it :(