Bitcoin Flip WEB

An online cryptocurrency trading platform for beginners

Bitcoin Flip is an online cryptocurrency trading simulator that introduces new traders around the world to Cryptocurrencies. It is fun, easy to use and is absolutely free! Enhance your crypto trading skills through practice! Happy trading!

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Hey, Product hunters! ✌️ Today our team has gone one step further in our development and launched the WEB version of the well-known cryptocurrency trading game Bitcoin Flip. The Bitcoin Flip app was launched on Product Hunt in January and was the #2 product of the day and from that point we saw great potential to improve on our product and expanding it onto more platforms.🎉 Bitcoin Flip Web version helps users to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading in a fun and enjoyable way! Our main aim for the online version is to be user-friendly, easy to understand and for users to have the most fun as possible! This Bitcoin game offers users free trading with cryptocurrencies with no risk and real money involved. 💥Bitcoin Flip Web main features: 💪Learn to trade with some of the TOP cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, BitcoinCash, IOTA, Dashcoin, NEM, NEO, Nano, Zcash, Tron, Vechain, Steem and Dogecoin ⏳Provides you with fun and exciting real time trading 📈Allows you to create your own unique trading strategy before diving in the real cryptocurrency trading markets 💵$5 000 play money credit This app offers beginner investors a great way to gain knowledge and improve on their trading strategy. Challenge your friends as well in a fun trading duel and see who's strategy and inner investor’s voice is better. Compete with other traders around the world- these are just some of the features that makes this website awesome! We would love to hear your feedback, ideas and any enquiries about Bitcoin Flip Web and we hope that our app will become your fun and exciting companion in your crypto trading journey! Cheers! ✌️
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A great helper for a beginner like I am to understand the cryptocurrency markets


Available trending cryptocurrencies, easy to use, real time market prices


Creates addiction of cryptos! :)