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Meet - a new bespoke podcasting app built specifically for the world's best tech podcasts.
🏷️ Tag friends in bits as you hear them.
👏 Clap at moments you love. Find them later from your profile.
💬Discuss these awesome bits with the world!
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Hey Product Hunt, I'm Marcus, the founder of and I’m super excited to introduce you to Bitcast 1.0. is the social podcast platform that we always wanted - a platform that let's you discover and share the best 'bits' of podcasts seamlessly as you hear them. Rather selfishly, we also decided to design and launch it with our favorite tech podcasts in mind. The decision to build a web app first (instead of native) is to stay agile while we find the right product-everything-fit. Full intentions to build native soon. With that in mind, this version is minimal and maximal where it matters. We tried really hard to make the most important features function well but it still has some rough edges, don't be afraid to tell us about them! Upcoming Features: - Editing and deleting Bits / comments - Sub-comments and upvotes - Following podcasters and friends. - Search and subscribe - PWA (waiting for upcoming IOS update) - Private tagging and messaging. - Alternate Reddit style feed. Boosting with eth. - Topbits, topics, playlists. - Secret sauce, *cough* discussions. Thank you to everyone who previously signed up to the waiting list and cheers @bentossell for hunting! Feel free to reach out! marcus(@) Best, Marcus_Sonoma
@bentossell @symisonoma How do I get "Women in Tech" and "WeAreLATech" podcasts featured on Bitcast? :) and
Hi @espreedevora ! Would be thrilled to have both "Women in Tech" and "WeAreLATech" in the next batch of Bitcast podcasts! just messaged you on twitter dm's.
I don't know about everyone else but I've been wanting this product for a long time 👏
Exciting product !
This sure looks promising. It's about time for the next wave of podcasting services, especially the ones that adds a social layer and messaging to some of the already exciting audio content available out there.
@binoyxj wow thanks Binoy. So glad you see value in what we're building. Yeah definitely a lot of buzz in the industry. We think that podcasts are still pretty archaic in the way they're delivered ie one play button and that's it. Out of curiosity, do you think clapping (bookmarking) or tagging is a more enticing feature for you?
Cheers @binoyxj ! For a long time, we've been looking for a way to comment on specific moments so you don't loose context of what's currently playing. Stayed tuned, more and more features coming soon!
Woot! this amazing and totally game changing loved the design the concept, great work guys, I totally see their is a hike in podcast industry these days!
Thanks for the support @iamarnob6543 ! Yeah podcasting is on fire 🔥 feel free to email whenever with any bugs or feature requests.
@symisonoma Yea sure joined the slack :)
@symisonoma Also are guys on mobile app?
@iamarnob6543 awesome. Looking forward to building out podcasting with you ;) And we're responsive right now to try to iterate a little more quickly. Already done some react native tests.