Bitbucket Pipes

Automate your CI/CD pipeline with 30+ supported integrations

Bitbucket Pipes helps developers build powerful, automated CI/CD workflows with ease. We partnered with 17+ vendors including AWS, Google, & Microsoft to create pipes to help you take the hassle out of creating, updating, or re-configuring your pipelines.

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Hey Hunters! Aneita from the Bitbucket team here. Developers have a lot on their plates. On top of their day-to-day workflow, the responsibility of building and managing CI/CD pipelines has shifted from specialized release engineers to the developers themselves. But to automate a robust, dependable CI/CD pipeline, developers need to connect to multiple tools to deliver software, and writing pipeline integrations for these services is a manual, error-prone process. It's no wonder CI/CD automation is often filed into the "too hard" basket. That's why I'm so excited to be announcing Bitbucket Pipes today. Pipes makes it easier to build powerful, automated CI/CD workflows in a plug-and-play fashion without the hassle of managing integrations. Here's the highlight reel: - 30+ Pipes with 17+ partners including Google, Microsoft, Slack, with more to come. - Select the appropriate pipes you need and enter the variables required by the pipe to run. - Easily set up external services to use across your pipelines and repositories. They're updated and maintained by the author, which means you never have to worry about updating or re-configuring them yourself. New users can easily browse and select pipes to get started, while more experienced users can reuse pipes across their repositories and also discover new and interesting ways to automate pipelines. Learn more about Pipes here: Bitbucket Pipes is free, you just have to sign up for a Bitbucket account. Getting started is easy, just sign up for an account here: We're really excited to see how you'll use Bitbucket Pipes to automate your CI/CD pipeline. Feel free to drop any questions in this thread or hit us up on Twitter at
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This list of partners is impressive! Does anyone know how this compares to Github’s integrations?
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@tyler_nappy Thanks for the question! We’ve worked with a large number of partners to make sure we have Pipes for all the stages in the software delivery lifecycle, to make practicing CI/CD much easier. In regards to how this compares with Github’s integrations, it’s not a like-for-like comparison. With Actions, Github has stated that their intent is to simplify workflow automation. With Bitbucket Pipes, our current goal is to improve and extend the Pipelines offering, and to help teams practice CI/CD. Pipelines is tailored for CI/CD and has specific features built into it to help you set up your CI/CD workflow – manual and parallel steps, caching, deployment environment tracking and a first-class integration with Jira just to name a few – and CI/CD is our forte. With Pipes, we’ve taken this one step further and have simplified using Pipelines with other tools in your CI/CD workflow. The broader automation story may be something we consider in the future, but for now our priority lies in helping solve the problems teams face when adopting CI/CD into their software development workflow.
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