Birthday and gift reminder app

Become a birthday hero with Birthdayrama!
This iOS app is all about caring about your dear ones - it is a beautiful birthday and gift reminder app that, besides birthdays, helps you remember awesome gift ideas (+ their location) and become a beloved gift giver!
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Hi birthday lovers! 💝 We are very thrilled to present you Birthdayrama, an iOS app that will make you a birthday hero! The app was made by a boutique IT agency Machinery - that’s us! 🙂 The idea came to us out of our own frustration of never being sure what to gift to our dear ones. I myself hate giving random trinkets that will be tossed off (there’s enough trash around as it is!!), I’d rather give something my friends will really enjoy and actually use. To use Birthdayrama you don’t have to create an account - just download the app from the App Store and you’re all set. It’s worth to mention that all your data is stored solely on your iPhone and is not connected to any outside server. Gift ideas section is the main reason for creating this app. I bet you’re very familiar with the situation when you see a perfect gift for someone, but that person’s birthday is months away. And by that time, you’ve already forgotten all about the perfect gift... Well, this is where Birthdayrama comes to the rescue!! Just snap a photo with Birthdayrama and we’ll remember the location for you so you know exactly where you saw that awesome 🎁. There is of course also a Reminders section, to remind you of all the birthdays and events. You can add as many custom reminders as you want (for a limited time only!), or turn all reminders off if you want. Birthdayrama wants you to care for your dear ones, so it has a pretty individual approach. There are no bulk imports. We want you to dedicate your time to each friend or family member individually. I hope you’ll give it a try! I’m looking forward to all your comments and feedback ❤ Feel free to comment here or message any of us directly at Product Hunt. Thank you, Hunters,​ and may all of you have the best birthdays, whenever they are!
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