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Birlibam is the digital solution, that works in a physical place.

It’s a smart, brilliant, and completely new way of “making things work” that saves time, money and effort. It is a completely paperless contact information exchange, that enhance your efficiency and increase your social capital.

We are removing the friction of networking.

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Hi guys, I am Vladi. I am CPA and CFO of one of the largest cherry producers in my Country / Bulgaria and I am the Founder of Birlibam - we are a digital solution that works in a physical place that takes the networking on scale. In my everyday business life, I used to communicate with many new clients and partners by using business cards - my strongest asset that was getting lost in the years - > Thank you business cards for being a fancy way of saying - hey here is a rectangle with my name on it - wanna throw it out? I was taking this long journey to reach and follow-up them and this journey really sucks. Birlibam is a solution that reaches both mobile and cloud and is also live. I am live on You now may think that we are another contact managing app and you are using Facebook and LinkedIn for those purposes. I imagine that you all know, if you have looked at my elevator pitch, that the US alone produces over 10 billion paper business cards per year, even though we have Facebook and LinkedIn at our disposal. And this is true because with LinkedIn and Facebook you have tons of social distractions and they are not meant to be used for contact information exchange. The job to be done is to follow up, not to read and scroll an infinite news feed. Name cards may seem harmless, but let scale the problem further. Have you ever wondered what is the lifetime value of the Company clients? What will happen if an employee leaves with the cardholders, create a new company and start using the contacts that he was creating for you? What about Networking? You can spend a lot of effort, trying to discover and be discovered, without any noticeable results. Did you know that it takes on average 3 minutes to digitalize the content of the paper business card? Multiply this by an average of 20 or you still use the left-right pocket technique durring a meeting? And don’t forget that the information that you scan or manually input in your phone or CRM is not live and cannot be automatically updated if some change in the contact information occurs. Please try to imagine to arrange 10 billion paper business cards in one line. Did you know that they will reach the moon, they will make three full laps of it and they will reach the earth again? I know that you are very well aware of those distances and if you make the math more than 230 000 threes will be cut down for the production. A pretty big forest, isn't it? And I don’t want to mention the waste of water, ink and money. Birlibam is a solution that want to change the mindset of the people for good. For this reason, every new user that downloads the app and creates a company profile on will receive one year free subscription. Just download, create, share and tag/hashtag Birlibam that you are a new user on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and enjoy the endless sea of possibilities. The digital times are booming, it is the right time for you all to go Birlibam. Let's swim together!