Birdly Business Cards

A Slack bot that handles your business cards

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Hello Product Hunters! We're happy to show you our new Slack bot, a bot that processes your business cards. Just take a snap of a business card with your smartphone and send it to our Slack bot. He'll process it and come back to you with a spreadsheet including all contact info (name, company, position, mail, phone, etc.) It's funny because we would never have thought of such a use for a Slack bot, but we had many people asking us for the feature. We thought we would give it a try and now we're at Web Summit meeting many people each time, it comes in handy :) This bot is also an opportunity for us to evolve so that you can get the most out of Birdly. Here's more background here: The product is very minimal for now but we thought about adding a few features. If you have comments I'd be happy to hear about them! P.S.: there's way more to come in the next few weeks
Excellent idea @qhoang09. Is there a way to automatically add the contact information in my iphone directory ?
@virtualflo Hello Florian. It's not possible yet but we are already working on that next step. Glad to see that this next update will be useful :)
It seems amazing. Just installed it for our team, I'll come back with feedback :D
@kostgx Great ! Can't wait to hear what you think about our product.
This looks amazing! Definitely one of the best Slack Apps.
@nextgenguy Thanks a lot Vignesh ! Feel free to try us out :)
Giving it a shot now. Really like that you can use it via Slack and get all of the info you need.
@mecarc Hey Mark ! Thanks for the support. We find this approach very promising as well. We'll see how users feel about this approach.
@jb_coger So far it's worked pretty well. Very slick.