Have a 360-degree view on your customers

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2016
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Thanks Justin for hunting us ! Hey Product Hunters! Quang, CEO of Birdly here. Birdly is a bot that lets your team have a 360° view on your customer. Now, your whole team can access customer data right from where they spend most of their time : Slack. Take a minute to connect your favorite enterprise software and apps (Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk…) and ask the bot insightful questions about your customers. We have plenty of plans to improve the product : more integrations, more actions, more messaging platforms (SMS, emails…) and we would be happy to have your feedback. I'm happy to help out if you have any question, Cheers!
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@qhoang09 Birdly at it again :) Always coming out with great stuff! What is on your roadmap for integrations to implement next?
@bentossell @qhoang09 Thanks Ben! Have more infos about your customers (intercom, mixpanel, xero ...) and other messaging platforms.
@qhoang09 Congrats guys this looks awesome and much needed !
@qhoang09 Looks great! Would love to request considering adding Helpscout and Wootric support also :)
@qhoang09 birdly already won my heart :) desperately waiting to see more integration in near future..
Great idea guys. Is it only available on Slack? What kind of questions can I ask the Bot, and what kind of results does it show?
@heyshayby Hey, it's available on Slack only for now, we may do it on other messaging platform if there is a need :)
@qhoang09 interesting shift from birdly for expenses. Follow your posts on medium. Really keen to see this integrated with @intercom. Is it on the to do list?
@thewhizkids Yes it is ! It should come next :)
This is very helpful for businesses that use Slack! Great way to bring everything together.
@iamjaymatthew Thanks Jay :) That is the plan to bring everything together. We used to connect in 4-5 different apps to have insight about a specific customer. Now it's possible :)