Track time-off for your staff: time-off bookings & approvals

Bindle tracks time-off for your staff. It does time-off bookings, approvals, balances, and more. Stay informed about who’s off and when. Ideal for businesses with 2–200+ people.

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Damien Bastin
Bindle Co-Founder —
👋 Hi ProductHunters! I'm a Co-Founder of Bindle — a webapp to help small businesses track time-off for their staff. We're a team scattered over both sides of the Pacific (Santa Monica, Sydney, and Melbourne) and we've been building Bindle piece-by-piece since 2014. I really love what we've achieved so far (I never thought I'd say that about an HR app for small business!), and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have for me.
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Justin Jackson
One of my biggest frustrations as an employee was booking time off. Having to go to my boss' desk, or shoot him an email, and "ask if I could go on vacation" always felt wrong to me. Eventually our team graduated to a Google Form and a Calendar, but that meant my boss had to manually adjust it if my plans changed (also embarrassing). I'm a grown adult; why can't I manage my vacation time myself? Bindle solves this problem. It lets employees book their own time off! This is the app I wish I had when I was working for startup teams. (And it's the app I'll use when I hire my first employees)
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Beth RossJUst happy Mac user
For that we have admins, haven't we? :)