Comcast sucks. BillFixers deals with them for you.

You're overpaying your monthly bills. BillFixers negotiates your tv, internet, and phone bills to save you time and money. Then, you split the savings. BillFixers helps consumers and small businesses fight back against their providers and get some extra cash.
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They BillFixers team posted an update about the 2 since this launch on Reddit. Just under $24k saved for customers so far:
I used the product thanks to @thejulielogan's recommendation. It's awesome. My Comcast bill went down from $87.23 to $72.27 per month, and got a better set of channels bundled in (eg. HBO for free). BillFixers gets a 50% cut on the savings, but you can prepay for a year upfront to get a 20% discount. Seamless, great customer service, didn't have to call Comcast or do anything... really happy with it. CC @rrhoover @_jacksmith @rsarver @jamiedavidson
@nbt ok, you've convinced me. My Comcast discounted trial expired so now's a great time.
@nbt @rrhoover Awesome! Big ups on the free HBO. Good timing for me too, I need to figure out utilities soon.
@rrhoover I'm so excited to hear your experience.
@nbt awesome, thanks for sharing your experience Nikhil
wow. Julian, co-founder of @BillFixers, sent me emails saying 1) they're seeing a huge boost of traffic from the review/Product Hunt, and 2) that they're giving me a partial refund as a "thank you" for the review. these guys might be my favorite company that i've yet to meet in real life... I'm going to grab my parents' bill when I'm next home, and Fix it too :)
Trying this out! Just uploaded my comcast bill. Will report back :)
Timely tagline with the recent negative press Comcast received (cc @ryan) I was just chatting with @rsarver, @jamiedavidson, and @thejulielogan about products in the "save you time with the little things" category (yeah, that's the official name). Uber, Lyft, Homejoy, TaskRabbit, Fixed, TalkTo, and Airhelp are other examples of services that help people save time. Has anyone used this? Curious how well it works.
@rrhoover Signed up yesterday. Got an email last night, my comcast bill went from $110 to $85. Shweet. NaaS = Negotiation as a Service
@mscccc ha! That's slick.