The most advanced micro-tags bicycle registry in the world

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Meeri Klausen
CEO/Co-Founder of INZMO
Hi, everyone! Its a great honor to be featured in Product Hunt. Bike-ID is Bike Protection 2.0. The solution includes an international free bicycle registry, bicycle security marking kit (helping to deter thieves and identify bike-owners) and in this Spring we also launch a bike-insurance product - you can insure your bike in just few minutes over our app against theft and damages. We hope you love it and in any questions/comments let us know!
Ingo Radatz
CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany
Hi, native Berliner here. I fear, most of the bikers here will be skeptical about your solution. Bikes get stolen by destroying the frame instead of the lock because a frame costs just 30€ right know. The components are the cost drivers. Also a bike like the Scott you will never see locked in the streets. It's common sense that everyone can take such a bike upstairs even if you are a guest. The most of the cheaper bikes get stolen for one-time transportation and you should look for it at bigger public transport stations. The police is not able to check serial numbers - they have simply not enough eyes on the street. When it comes to insurance it's silly. Maybe you have found a better solution but the fees of your competitors are that high that it makes more sense to save the money and buy a new bike when it gets stolen. Will you cooperate with a bigger insurance or build your own? I'm sorry for the harsh critic - please understand that in our minds it is fraud to sell safety that doesn't really exists. Also I'm totally open to let me convince from the opposite.
Marcus Karoumi
Marketing @
Same name as the Swedish bike brand, BIKEID - The name suits this product better though ;)
Tobi Hikari
Founder Growthhacklist
Great idea! I think too that is essential to co-operate with the police.
Will Feldman
18 y/o creator
I would love to see this expand to around the world!
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