Big Letter Shirt

Spell out a thing using shirts with big letters on them

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This is awesome. I want to use these at a Giants game
@abe_storey That'd be awesome! I'm setting up a special discount code for the first 20 people to use it. 15% off your total if you use code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout.
Hey guys, this is Luke, the guy behind Big Letter Shirt. I'm really excited this is up on Product Hunt! I had this idea several years ago, and decided to skip the kickstarter route and just launch the site. I'd love to answer questions, and get ideas if anyone would like to see any other sort of product offerings. Right now, it's just A-Z and !, all on single color shirts, but the plan would be to expand to more symbols, and other types of shirts. Any other ideas?
Interrobang or GTFO! j/k — I like this a lot. Don't forget kids' sizes!
@daviddlacroix Love it! I definitely can do kids sizes, I just haven't added them to the selection on the site yet. You can always add it to your special notes, or email me and let me know, and I can handle that on your order.
You should sell "?" shirts. It is explained here:, skip to the 0:49 mark if you need to save 48 seconds.
@avizuber That's definitely part of the reason behind having the exclamation mark, you can always jump on the end of someone else! A question mark is hilarious though!
Ha! So smart. Do you know the coolest thing your product has been used for?
@juliaonken The marriage proposals are pretty cool, but I think the coolest may be when a family got all different colors and letters, and went to Disney (you can see a picture above). When their son got away from them for a few seconds, they had a moment of panic, but the crowd around them immediately was able to spot the connection and helped them find each other. A totally unexpected benefit of the shirts that I had never even planned for. You can read the whole story in the Dad's own words on our blog here: