Save and run Terminal commands from the Mac menu bar

• Save and edit unlimited commands in the menu bar
• Run and copy commands using keyboard shortcuts
• Get notifications when commands finish running
• View the output of commands in a clean, minimal window
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Hey makers! I'm an incoming college student and am excited to be launching my second product today! Bidbar is a Mac app that allows you to save Terminal commands in the menu bar and run/copy them with keyboard shortcuts. I've always found it tedious to type out/memorize long and difficult Terminal commands. As a result, I created Bidbar, which allows you to save and run them with a click of a button! Please let me know any feedback or suggestions you have. Also, if you enjoy using Bidbar, the first few dozen to purchase a license key with the code PRODUCTHUNT will get 20% off! 🙂
Fantastic idea! So simple and useful!
Handy! Like an automator, but better :)
Great Idea! I have A LOT of commands saved as aliases inside my .bash_profile ^^ Only thing I am missing here is a community/board for sharing & finding useful commands.
@hi_iamben That's a good idea! I might try to turn the examples page into a crowdsourced list, so everyone can contribute useful commands they find.
@hi_iamben @alanbi Honestly that's the very first thing I thought of when I saw your app. is the classic site for crowdsourced shell commands. Would be neat to integrate w/ perhaps. (also
Nice! thanks for this