Bibblio for WordPress

Engaging and relevant content recommendations, using AI

Bibblio is bringing its content recommendations to WordPress with the new related posts plugin. In 10 minutes any WordPress site can be recommending content from across its catalogue on all of its posts, powered by Bibblio’s machine learning algorithms. Because you shouldn’t have to be Netflix to have good recommendations!

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks so much for the Product Hunt post, @Janmatern! At Bibblio we're trying to make the internet a better place for both content publishers and their audiences by delivering great content recommendations. We launched our API product about a year ago, and a WordPress plugin made perfect sense as a next step. Many of you have been asking for it already, and more than 25% of the whole internet use WordPress as their platform of choice for publishing. We've already met the great, engaged community and we're very pleased that we can now help contribute. Since yesterday, the plugin is live in the store! Great recommendations are becoming really important to finding content, and we thought that everyone should be able to have proper tools to do that, so we built some clever machine-learning algorithms and here we are. Unlike some current systems, *cough* Taboola *cough* Outbrain, Bibblio is ad-free and optimised for relevance and diversity as well as popularity, so no filter bubbles and no clickbait! Just great related posts! As a default the plugin will pull in your 500 most recent posts on the free plan. However if you have more content get in touch and we'll upgrade you to one of our other plans. We're giving Product Hunters 30% off (forever!) for the next 24 hours on any paid plan! We’ll be around to answer any questions today – just drop a comment. Thanks!