Shaving system designed to reduce shaving irritation

Bevel is an all-in-one shaving kit for people of color, delivered straight to your door.

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Welcome, @tristanwalker! Congrats on the positive buzz. I'm curious to hear what your long term vision is for Bevel. You're starting with razors but what does it look like in 5 years?
From the blog post in the Related Links: "For the past 6 months my team and I have been building a company with a singular focus: to make health and beauty simple for people of color - a group whose needs haven’t been universally met."
this is a really cool idea, excited to watch tristan execute
>>excited to watch tristan execute Word
Having suffered from razor bumps for a while, its nice to see a well thought out / well branded solution. Will try it out. If anyone can pull this off, its Tristan