BeUnicorn Startup Camp 🦄

An ultimate design guide for tech entrepreneurs

5-days Camp for tech entrepreneurs with a deep focus on design.

No lectures. No 💩. Only practical tips&tricks that just work.

No equity, just fair price.

From founders to founders: top tutors and experts who launched successful products.

Get must-have skills and numerous life hacks for IT entrepreneur.

🎁 for PH!

San Francisco ❤️

Be 🦄.

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Hey 👋 We see the huge gap between geeky rocket science solutions and the clean and simple visual communications. Good design is not so difficult and expensive as you think, but it can be a real game changer, especially when you're ready to promote your service or raise money. All our experience in design, art direction, and marketing in a short and valuable program. $500 off for product hunters.
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Hey folks! We made this program for those who don’t want to waste time and looking for a tangible result without brainwashing and success stories. We compressed all our 15 years experience into a clear step-by-step format. No brainer to apply for 🦄
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Vitaliy helped me with design and this was a fundamental rethink. In 2 hours, we created a website and saved years on front-end development. Now I can spin up a website in minutes and update it in seconds! Logos and brand identity — just blown away with Pasha and Anna's creativity!
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I am working with BeUnicorn team on my new project. It started as an art project, but we've updated the whole vision and will back to Product Hunt community in few weeks with a very useful bot.


Convenient five days format. Easy to find the time for this program and get new skills.


No webinars yet

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Great idea, guys! Congrats!
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