Sports Predictor with 90% Success Rate Launches
A high-performing sports prediction algorithm by Betting Success is now available from the brand’s newly launched website.
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Hi product hunt community, Engineered by finance industry experts, including ex-traders, investors, and bankers, Betting Success’s prediction tool offers the highest success rate on the market. “What we’ve been able to achieve is truly astounding,” said Betting Success Founder Thomas Corbelli. “It’s been incredible to see a success rate of over 90 per cent over the last six months.” The company is promoting its one-of-a-kind product as a financial tool users can adopt to confidently earn money over the long-term. Already, more than 500 YouTubers, Instagrammers, and influencers around the world are raving about their experience with Betting Success. “We’ve spent a long time ensuring our system benefits users as much as possible,” said Thomas Corbelli. “The Betting Success team is excited to finally bring our product to market.” Access to Betting Success’s sports prediction algorithm and affiliate program is now available via their website, which launched on the 15tH of July. Access to these unique products is available for a below-market price of $US19 per month. As a brand, Betting Success believes in supporting its clients' path toward financial freedom. For more information about Betting Success, their sports prediction algorithm, and their affiliate program, visit
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A new web designer on your team could help you out a lot.
@ericlafleche I honestly agree. The site has a "Dark Web" feel to it. Pun intended. It doesn't reflect "success" nor winning.
Just checking the data on the 100 bets you have showing on your results page. First of all, out of the 100 bets you have 19 losses, so it's not 90% success rate on that at least. Secondly it's somewhat misleading to simply cite "success rate". Out of 100 bets, 98 of them are betting on favorites, including a full 30% of your bets are made with odds better than 1.39, which are bets with an implied odds of over 71% success rate to begin with. You are almost exclusively making bets that would require multiple wins or a ramp-up of bets to cover your losses. It's not impossible to spot some sort of market inefficiency that bookies are missing even on favorites, but doing that consistently in top-flight European soccer is exceedingly difficult since the lines tend to be real sharp. Of course just from 100 bets the sample size is quite small, far too small to really make any assessments as to how well your system actually works. I'd certainly not treat this as anything close to "earn money over the long term" though, as your record shows you losing 1/4 of your bankroll in 5 bets and the day after, you bet more than your bankroll ($421 in bets for the 7/8 1-1:30PM EST matches, with $301 cash on hand). Most people don't have the luxury of getting that much credit, particularly on the backend of a losing streak.
@jim_zhou Hello Jim, first 90% on the past six months if you read our publication carefully. We do have different bankroll that we can send to you at anytime if you want to check them out. Furthermore, I understand your concern about our way to bet but it works for us and our customers are very happy. Thank you for your comment Jim. :)
Another garbage upvoted by fake profiles.
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What i don't understand is the pricing model. Paying 19 usd before seeing nothing is not make sense, since there are tons of frauds in this sector. But if your success rate over %60 you can charge 1900 usd or more easily. So why not to give a couple weeks free trial, and everyone pays 19 afterwards if there is value. You should consider this growth move unless the product is not junk.
@tugrul_ciltas1 Thank you for your concern about our product. But we are not running after customer, we believe in the fact that people talks and shares review. We are very confident in our product and we do not want to devalue it. A price is a price it is not in our plan anytime in the future to offer a free trial. We will be patient :) Thank you :)