Free OS X app to configure custom gestures for your trackpad

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2 Reviews5.0/5
It's behind the scenes, but I use this app more than any other app. A few of my favorite custom gestures: * Pinch out/in to open/close tabs in Chrome/Finder/iTerm/Sublime * Rotate left/right to switch tabs * Three finger click = middle click It also adds Window Snapping and a built-in remote receiver driven by an iOS app which are both pretty nice.
@parterburn where in the app do you find the commands to open/close tabs?
@kaz you have to use keyboard commands tied to the custom gestures. See @pomajp's comment below showing a screenshot of how it's done:
I've been using bettersnaptool for a long time. Both of these tools (from the same developer) are absolutely great. I would encourage everyone to make it a part of their default setup.
Can't forget BetterSnapTool, by the same dev. Such a great utility. Been using it for years.
@joelallouz BetterSnap's functionality is integrated into BTT as well, buried under some menus..
Awesome find, thanks for sharing @parterburn!
Four of the absolute best + most useful BTT trackpad gestures ever: