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I switched to Betterment from a traditional investment manager because of their goal-oriented approach. It was getting too hard to look at my savings and say, "20% of this is for our renovation, 10% is the rainy day fund, 10% is for vacation, etc." Effectively, every time you set a new goal Betterment opens a new account, and you just select a target date/amount. After that you can set one-time or auto-deposits and tweak the asset allocation.
Been using Betterment for a year now & love it. I don't even care if it's giving me the best return. The ease-of-use makes it worth it
I'm a huge fan of what Betterment is doing - it makes managing your money fun. It's a lot easier to get money in/out than having a financial advisor (less pressure), so I find myself saving more because I know if I need it it's more accessible. Their CEO Jon is also very responsive, which as a founder I appreciate!
Is there anything like this for Canadians?
I love Betterment! Enjoying very healthy returns over the past year.