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BetterDoctor brings accuracy to doctor data with a real-time platform, master database and API services that enable everyone to add doctor data to their systems, websites and applications. Today, BetterDoctor API and data tools power health insurance companies, healthcare startups and doctor search tools.

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I looks like a nice service but **jeez** did they ape airbnb's homepage. Whoever did that is bad and should feel bad. edit: just saw they have $10m invested. With that kinda cheese this makes even less sense. Even the "map" view is 95% airbnb.
Heads up! Today, BetterDoctor API offers provider data to power health insurance companies, healthcare startups and doctor search tools. Go to to learn more, sign up for the public API and get immediate access to provider data.
If you are positioning this for consumers, consider adapting the search to point people in the right direction with respect to speciality type and save people time from trying to figure it out on their own.
@clarklab Airbnb home page is great! I think Airbnb copied us or hmm Trulia, or Opentable iPad app, or name any app with results and map on the same view. I'd love to always design something no one has ever done on any of the billions of websites. :)
@umbar lol at comparing the map view to avoid the fact that the homepage is copied almost pixel for pixel— there's no denying this is a carbon copy.
@clarklab didn't I say that I think the Airbnb website is great and hence well worth taking cues from. One very smart man once said: "If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride". The home page is version 1.0, and you'll see plenty of cool things shortly.
@umbar the good news is that today was airbnb's big rebrand event, complete with a new, gorgeous site. The bad news is you copied an "old" site that the owner deemed worthy of replacing.
@MrAkshayPatel Could you elaborate your thoughts? I don't quite understand how we could make the search more intuitive? Do you mean universal search box?
@umbar Happy to. The site is asking people to enter a Name so to me that implies your user is coming to check on Drs they have heard of. From my experience it's more common for a person to try to find a practitioner for a particular need then look-up by Name. For instance, if my foot is bothering me I'd look up a podiatrist. But, going back to my original comment, most people may not know they are looking for a podiatrist so if the site provided an addition search option or intelligence that helped me determine what specialist I need, I think that would be a big help to users.
@MrAkshayPatel Makes sense. If you download BetterDoctor iPhone app you can see that specific functionality in action. The universal search is still at beta stage, but you'll get the idea.
@umbar I'll give it a look. Overall, helpful problem to solve. Good luck.
@MrAkshayPatel Thanks! Happy to hear your thoughts.