Pay multiple bills with a single, easy, weekly payment

BetterBill is a payment plan to pay all your bills on time.

We don't take over your bank account, need to you fill out large budget tables, or 'round-up' transactions to help you save.

We just give you a single payment plan designed to cover all your bills.

And with your bills covered, you can decide how to spend the rest :)

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @studalrymple & @normal1ze, This looks like it's very useful. How does it differ from other similar apps out there?
@normal1ze @jacqvon Hey Jacq - thanks for the note! We couldn't find a sweet spot between simplfying our life and keeping us in control of our money - and out of debt! We found budget apps that required lots of data entry, apps that let you split individual bills, apps that got in and monitored your bank account, and apps that put you on short-term loans (with large interst rates when you failed to pay them back!). None of those solved what we had in our own lives; having so many bills with different payment frequencies, which makes it hard to know how much you can spend and how much to save. We roll bills up into a single weekly pre-payment. You transfer that amount to us and we keep it safe for you - you can also cancel and refund at any time. It also means your bank account is 100% safe and secure. And when bills are due, you're covered, and we pay them for you. Which means the only thing you need to do is decide how to spend (or save) the money you have left over each week. And we think people don't need help doing that - they are pretty good at spending ;)