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Joe Anderson
@anderson760 · Designer
Cool idea! I think the main trouble points will be around marketing this to groups of friends that will use it consistently. If you can solve that and grow around friends of friends it will help with the critical mass problem. I think gender will also play an interesting role here like with the events you show, who you pair, who you suggest to invite. A few things I would explore, in the onboarding, you ask for email or facebook. Curious why you chose email over phone #? Phone # allows you to leverage the contacts book with unique numbers. Then based on who signs up you can match friends with friends. You can also do things like connecting people based on location and number. For example if my friend signs up while in SF, and I have that same person's number in the contact book, you can match us. I'm not sure what the FB api offers but again I think this part of the onboarding is really critical for the product you are making (mainly bc of what I described at the top of this post). Right now I'm seeing random people which makes sense since their aren't many people on the platform but I think there could be better ways to go about this. Another thing I would do is pull in FB events and try to use those to get people to help with the cold start problem. When I post for the first time the screen is blank, I think it would be nice to help guide the person into something they are doing next like getting food (simplest) or doing something on the weekend. Anything that can help the user not think too much about what's going on while first understanding the app. Grats on shipping!
Panos Spyrakis
@be_panos · Co-founder & CEO, bethere
@anderson760 Hey Joe! Thank you for your thoughts & for checking out the app. You're right about building the community, i agree. Also, for the phone number integration we have already this in mind. Facebook integration is really helpful offering useful data for friends & places suggestions. A how to "tutorial" is currently being developed. Thanks again!