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Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
There have been many attempts at future check in apps. None seem to have achieved critical mass. It just seems like most people don't plan that far ahead, or at least think about posting their plans via an app. How will you address this behavioral problem? What will you do to help people remember to pre-post their plans or, more challenging yet, change the… See more
Ruben Martinez Jr.@rubencodes · Engineering & Design at WELL Health Inc.
@chrismessina Not entirely true: the only successful future checkin I can think of are FB Events. As I read through their site, I just kept thinking this is like a Facebook Event, albeit better and more dedicated, but still derivative.
Panos Spyrakis@be_panos · Co-founder & CEO, bethere
@chrismessina Thank you for that Chris! That is totally true, people won’t plan far ahead or spontaneously share something that’s not happening in the immediate future. This is why we designed the app based on the importance of short term scheduled tasks from upcoming activities to going outs (please have look at our UI – only 3 upcoming days appear besides… See more
Panos Spyrakis@be_panos · Co-founder & CEO, bethere
@chrismessina @rubencodes Just wanted to add that betheres are supposed to be quick, easy & spontaneous posts (not necessarily organized events). All of them displayed in your dash as a shared calendar with friends (...but not only)
Nick O'Neill@allnick · CEO, Holler Inc.
@chrismessina @be_panos It's been incredible to see so many new attempts (via ProductHunt) that are doing something in the future check in space. All have failed though for one simple reason: people want personal invites, not passive invitations. Sending you a passive notification that I'm going out is not really an invite. Instead it feels like you weren't… See more
Panos Spyrakis@be_panos · Co-founder & CEO, bethere
@chrismessina @allnick Hey Nick! Although other attempts have been made in the past around future check-ins we believe that ours differentiates through its implementation and the user experience itself. Specifically, in bethere we focus on image sharing and the going out story created (post a bethere, later show how you spend your time there – reminded by a … See more