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get it is a platform where developers and beta testers come together to build better apps. Mobile developers will be able to submit their beta apps to gather feedback to iterate quicker, ship better apps faster, and cultivate a dedicated user base early on.

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Omar Gabr
Omar GabrMaker@okgabr · CEO, Instabug
Hi everyone, we’re so excited to share with you! At Instabug, we’ve been working with thousands of apps to help them with their beta testing process, and we continuously heard about their struggles with finding beta testers to try out their apps. So we decided to build, a free platform that connect mobile apps and beta testers. Would love to hear your feedback and thoughts ☺️
Amir E. F. Gerges
Amir E. F. Gerges@a_e_f_g · Founder & CEO, Conictus
@okgabr amazing job as usual :) i just wanted to ask if you are planning any incentive plans for the beta testers other than having early access.
Simon Chapman
Simon Chapman@simoncchapman · Founder.
@okgabr A solution like this has been in the back of my mind for a few months now as I reach the end of developing my first app. Will the free instabug plan work for receiving reports?
Ahmed Anwar
Ahmed AnwarMaker@elewa92 · Growth Engineer @instabug
@simoncchapman Yeah sure! You can use Instabug to receive all your beta testers' reports.
Omar Gabr
Omar GabrMaker@okgabr · CEO, Instabug
@a_e_f_g Thanks a lot Amir! Currently mobile developers can specify the incentives they want to offer to the testers (Free swag, gift cards, etc..). is a free platform so we can't really offer any monetary incentive. Actually we've wrote a blog post a while ago on how to incentive your beta testers. Check out and let me know your feedback:
Bitsy Metcalf
Bitsy Metcalf@bitsybitsy · TBD
@okgabr just an FYI, comes up as a broken link
Erick Barron
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
I also want to know what beta testers get for their time.
keyul@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@erickbarron86 Following
Omar Gabr
Omar GabrMaker@okgabr · CEO, Instabug
@erickbarron86 @keyul It's up to the mobile developer to specify this. They can offer free swag, gift cards, free version of the premium app, etc.. that's in addition to getting early access to the new features.
Alex Bauer
Alex BauerHiring@alexdbauer · Product Marketing —
Love Instabug! This is a great idea too...hope it takes off.
Omar Gabr
Omar GabrMaker@okgabr · CEO, Instabug
@alexdbauer Thanks Alex! Big fan of Branch here ☺️
Tom Charde
Tom Charde@tomcharde · Brand + UX + Web Strategist
Would love the ability to sort apps by platform.
Ahmed Anwar
Ahmed AnwarMaker@elewa92 · Growth Engineer @instabug
@tomcharde thank you for your recommendation
Julia Holovko
Julia Holovko@julia_holovko · Product marketing manager at KeepSolid.
hey guys, this is something I am doing research now for our closed beta, thanks for this hunt. A natural questions is what is the main difference between and BetaBound, BetaPage and BetaFamily?