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Hey everyone. This is my next app adventure. Please ask me questions about the development process, design process, and marketing. Comment with any questions! :) At the beginning of the summer, I wanted to get feedback on some designs I was working on for a project. Like anyone, I thought about the usual means to elicit feedback from others. I could post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Dribbble and get text-based responses. However, there was no way to get quick feedback from my community. How could I evaluate both quantitative and qualitative input to a series of images? I came up with a solution, and I immediately started drafting sketches for what that product could look like. What does that system look like? First, it starts with the mobile phone. For both the person looking for feedback and the people who are capable of giving feedback, the mobile phone is the quickest way to get these responses. In an instant, I can post up to 5 photos on Betadrop, and it will go out to the community for review. By pressing and holding on a photo, people can give both quantitative and qualitative feedback in the form of emotional ratings and comments. Along the way, my friend Avijeet joined the cause to help through development. In the end, we came up with a robust, novel system for quickly getting feedback from your friends.
I too would want feedback on designs I work on, but since I save all them on my desktop computer, mobile isn't necessarily the best medium for me. How would you recommend I get my design files (png saved from Sketch) on Betadrop?
@taliban This is one thing we grappled with when making decisions about how the app could be used. We moved towards a system that focuses on content already on your iPhone. An easy way to post to Betadrop is to AirDrop to Camera Roll, then select "Upload from Camera Roll" in the compose window. :) Perhaps we should focus on better ways to share designs to Betadrop from your Mac. Any thoughts?
@kylry @taliban Maybe create a Mac OS extension app that allows you to "send to Betadrop" from the context menu on your Mac. And then in the app, you'd be able to choose from stuff you've put in there. Basically Airdrop, but a little more seamless. Or maybe there's a way to do something with bluetooth.
Interesting idea! Will give it a shot and try to share feedback