[Beta] SaaS Metrics Generator

The most important SaaS metrics to track in just 3 clicks

The SaaS Metrics Generator makes setting your initial metrics easy in just a few clicks. When you visit the landing page, you’re asked a couple of questions about the area of work you’re focused on (marketing, sales, support, or finance with product coming soon) and what you’re trying to accomplish. It was built during Geckoboard's innovation week.

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We hope folks building a SaaS business find this beta product useful for choosing initial metrics to track! We've seen that the hardest part is getting started with tracking metrics and we wanted to remove that barrier for SaaS businesses by curating a focused set of metrics to start with. Before building it out further to include more SaaS metrics and categories we wanted to get feedback on if you find it valuable, how it can be improved and what categories you'd like to see. So we'd love to get your feedback before we make a decision on how we might build it out further. Thx in advance for your thoughts 👍
Looks cool, shows all of the stats that I would normally track in finance (although some are categorized under different departments). Would definitely be useful to have all of these autocalc'ed and displayed. Where does it draw the data from? Getting the data to calc the numbers is often the biggest issue