BestTime API

Forecast how busy a business will be at any given time

BestTime is a web (API) service that forecasts how busy a business (e.g. restaurant, gym, etc) will be at any given hour of the week. BestTime analyses the week, peak-, busy-, quiet hours, and provides live busyness + compare businesses + create dashboards.
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I'm excited to launch my product. It's kind of similar to the Google Maps popular times graphs, but with more functionality. forecasts how busy public businesses will be. All you have to do is type the name and address of the public business. For each public business BestTime will try to forecast: - πŸ“ˆ how busy it will be per hour - πŸ“‘ how busy it is now (live) - πŸŒ‹ list of the visitor peaks per day - πŸŽ‰ list of all busy hours - πŸ’€ list of all quiet hours - πŸ• at what time most people go and leave - πŸ—“a week overview - ⌚️Dynamic data like (time remaining until next peak, or quiet hour) - πŸ’Ύ All data will be available through the Developers API - create a dashboard overview with all analyses Register for free to create a detailed dashboard for your favorite venue. Use the 'compare venues' demo without registration to compare the busyness of all your favorite places You could use the tool to find popular bars for tonight πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ•Ί, or see which supermarket and gym πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ in your neighborhood is the quietest (demo 1, 2) Who else could use this? - Marketing researchers - Websites with curated lists of bars (e.g. Best bars in New York City) Please let me know if you have any feedback or (partnership) ideas for tools I can build on top of this API.
@mick_ver good idea, Mick. Do you provide only the service or also you do the content of the service? I'm questioning it cause it's important to know what countries are available (if you do the content).
Not really signing up without a demo. Would help a lot if you put like a search box on top or something to look up a place for demo purposes
@antonio_bologna Good idea to add a small demo to the landing page. Meanwhile you can try the compare demo without registering. Demo SF supermarkets:
Where is the data source from?
@ryonatan Phone signals. Forecasts are based on average visitors from past weeks , live data is based on actual amount of visitors/ phones in a shop.
@mick_ver how do you get those phone signals?
@ryonatan @mick_ver potentially this ? Using google's phone data
@mick_ver @ryonatan This looks really cool, but are you able to be more specific on how it works? "Phone signals" is not really a helpful answer for someone thinking about investing time and money to build off your API. Cheers.
Without sharing more details about the source, quality and sustainability of the data, credibility would take a hit. Doesn't inspire confidence to sign up.
Which tool should I make first on top of the API?
Customizable triggers: Automatically get a message when e.g. a venue is more busy than normal.
Embeddable widgets (customizable): Show the most popular days/ times of a venue on your own website (forecasts will be automatically updated).
Analyse whole areas: Select a neighborhood/city, and the tool will create an overview. The overview can be filtered on day/ busyness.
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You can use the compare tool to avoid crowded supermarkets in your neighborhood during Corona / COVID-19 (demo 1, 2)