Pricing Pages Done Right

A repository of the best pricing pages by the best companies.
Inspired by RGE and since no longer exist, I felt such a resource was missing and could be helpful to many people.
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Jp Valery
Growth Operations Manager @ Local Logic
πŸ‘‹ Hi there! Pretty thrilled to submit this latest project of mine on PH :) I'll be monitoring the page all day long so AMA about it! We were discussing with colleagues and couldn't find a single repository of good pricing pages. Something like ReallyGoodEmails but for pricing pages. As doesn't exist anymore, I thought I should then build this curated repository - it'd probably be useful to probably a couple of people and it'd be a fun project to exercise my Gatsby.js skills on... πŸ€” That was last Thursday πŸ˜‡ The website now has around 20 pages already listed and more are on the way. πŸ“₯ We have a submit feature if you'd like to submit a price that you really like. I'm pretty happy with the results even though there's definitely room for improvements. Talking about that... feel free to stop by the GitHub repo for the website and take a look at our current issues and projects 🀝 🧰. The code is MIT-licensed on my GitHub and the content is under CC-BY-NC-SA. Any constructive feedback is more than welcome πŸ™