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Q&A app for Introverted users. You can ask anonymously any question you want and participants can give honest answers knowing their response is both anonymous and helpful. It's an app that finally lets you read the mind of your friends, family & peers.
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18 Reviews2.2/5
Awesome app, Nick! Not only for introverts, but I think for anyone who doesn't want to reveal their identity
@ali_zamanov Thanks a lot, Alex! Yes, it's actually for anybody who has even a little bit of social anxiety
Thanks for the app. I was looking for something like this since I am a very shy type of person. Anyhow, will this app allow me to ask any type of question without any restrictions?
@danish_habib Hey Danish, Happy that it would help you!!
@danish_habib Yes, you can ask any type of question, from your selected contacts, which you integrate from your phonebook. As introvert, myself, I use it to ask all kind of questions: mostly recommendations, feedback and advice
@nick_jobs Great. Thanks a bunch for clearing doubts
Congrats on the launch! Can’t wait to try this!
@naila_kabirova1 Thanks a lot, Naila!! Looking forward for your feedback!
@elkhan_shikhov Thanks a lot!
This Isa very usefull app for all us.
@pranabbd2020 Thanks a lot, Pranab!! I am very glad to hear that!