Data Breach Monitoring For Companies to Avoid GDPR Fines.

We are looking over web for the mentions of your company and services that you are working with potential Data Breach and notify you in case we fund potential threat so you can take all necessary measures.
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Hi, PH community! BePrivacy is a platform that scans the web for open databases, public, deep and dark web forums et.c. to find mentions of specified company data leaks based on its domain and the list of vendors it works with. By getting a ​right notification on time, the company will be able to take measures and notify the appropriate supervisory authority on time avoiding GDPR fine for 72 hours non-reporting. We are currently starting with monitoring on publicly available services and welcome everyone to check whether they have suffered any potential data breaches. We will be super happy to get your feedback on the solution. Please feel free to contact me at any time.