Aleksander Skjoelsvik
Aleksander Skjoelsvik reviewedBentoStack ChargeBento Stack with a built in wireless charger for iPhone.

• Integrated wireless charging cover

• Fits 87W MacBook Pro chargers

• Outside material feels good

• Many compartments


• Need to use rubber bands to hold together

• How you need to roll up MacBook charging cable

• Size/ weight

• Need to use lids

I saw this on the front-page of ProductHunt a while back and decided to give it a try due to the 25% discount. I received the unit a little under a week back.

Overall I'm unfortunately disappointed with my purchase and will probably not be using it moving forward, but due to factors I should've considered before spending almost $100 (including shipping) on it.

My biggest gripe with it is the rubber band you use to hold the entire thing together. Putting this on and off is a process in and of itself, and therefore makes using the BentoStack a cumbersome process. When I'm at a café and need to charge my laptop, the last thing I wanna do is pull this up and start fiddling with the rubber band while knocking over drinks left and right. Reassembling it is also a challenge. Furthermore, when not-in-use, the rubber band is just laying on your desk cluttering it up. It'd be much better if the compartments themselves had some snapping mechanism that prevented the need for the rubber bands altogether.

Furthermore, due to the width of the unit, you need to wrap your cables super tightly. This is especially difficult with the rather stiff MacBook Pro USB-C charging cable. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time rolling up the cable, only to realize it's not small enough, and then having to redo it. I also question how good this is for the cable, as after using the BentoStack my charging cable is now rather curly.

For me, the lids are useless. They're meant to hold an iPad (or other similarly sized) pencil and Apple Watch bands, but I have neither. They can also double as an iPhone stand, albeit very very vertically so. Instead, I'd love a completely flat lid so I can put the extra iPhone I need to carry around for development in there. At the very least, the compartments themselves should fit together so I don't need to struggle with yet another piece. The way it is now, a lid is required between the compartments.

It's also significantly bulkier (both in terms of size and weight) than I expected, and barely fit in my backpack.

On the bright side, I do love the idea of having a visually appealing unit that can hold all your cables and gadgets, while doubling as a wireless charger and phone stand. Unfortunately due to how cumbersome this product is to use, I will not be using it moving forward. What once took a few seconds (retrieving/ packing down cables and chargers) is now a huge process that I'd rather be without.

Aleksander Skjoelsvik has used this product for one week.