Post your photos and earn real money for likes.

Snap. Post. Paid. It's that easy.

Belacam is a photo-sharing platform like Instagram but with a twist. Each ‘like’ automatically sends a small amount of money from one user to another. Belacam works like any other social media site; users comment, post photos, follow others, and browse feeds, all while earning real money for posting good content.

  • Henry McDonald
    Henry McDonaldthis aint my first rodeo

    I only got robbed by Bela of about $1,250


    they spin things well. they'll lead you to beleive they tried hard to not screw you over but they'll screw you over.

    The Bela Coin is part of the Bela Coin scam that i lost about $1,250 on. These people screwed over all of the miners and buyers of bela coin, me included, by doing a swap of the coin that lasted 3 months only and then they stopped the swap and deleted the coins that were not swapped (knowing that coins weren't swapped they decided it would be best for them to not have to deal with old coins anymore). Meanwhile, at the same time as the swap was being presented, an investor dumped $150,000 USD or some amount into the bela coin, and when they did the swap and deleted the coins, and as expected the price went from 2 and 3 cents to 7 and 8 cents, and no doubt the investor was able to cash out and get their investment back now, i see the value of the bela coin is once again in the penny range.

    Henry McDonald has used this product for one month.
  • RyanAG

    Is an actual project, cool concept.


    Has already acted in bad faith towards early users. Will new users be treated the same ?

    The general sentiment I have heard from this project is not positive. These guys screwed over their users like shown by others. Users which helped to secure the network and give legs to the project. Plus the hunter is also the maker..

    RyanAG has used this product for one year.
How does this differ in model from, say, Steemit?
@chrismessina hey Chris! Great question. While Steemit uses a pooled reward system based on votes that uses 3 currencies: Steem Power, Steem Dollars, and STEEM, Belacam uses only one currency: BELA. Users simply get a like to earn and give a like to give a tip. It’s Peer-2-peer vs pooled rewards, which we Believe is easier to understand for new users to crypto and monetized social media.
@chrismessina if you have any other questions, let me know! 😃
hi so for each like you get one bela and for each like you give it will cost you one bela that means the one wwho does/t like others pictures will save more bela ? can you please explains the idea more it's not really clear
@brahim_chougrani1 Hey! Great question. Check out for an explanation. I hope to see you posting your photos soon!
@naimatu61949195 hello! If you have some complaint about the platform, please let me know what it is. We’ve worked hard on this and it’s 100% real. Let me know your real concerns.
@naimatu61949195 - They have zero loyalty to those who were loyal to them. I mined the coin and held onto it - just like they asked us to when they started this coin - but then several years later they swapped the coin over during just a few month period and told me and several others that they couldn't give us our new coins. I lost $1,250 minimum, more like $1,500.
Any complaint you might have will fall on deaf ears just like mine did.
Where does the money come from? Not from thin air so do you add funds, does it come from advertisers or is this an online ponzi scheme or just monopoly money you can't actual spend?
@socialsuite Hey! Great question. Check out for an explanation. I hope to see you posting your photos soon!
Registration appears to be broken for new users at the moment. ReCAPTCHA is not loading with the error "invalid domain for site key" on the Android app. Second, a question: When uploading photos to this site, how does licensing work? Do we still retain copyright on our photos?