Behind the product

Free access to the designs behind Alyssa X's products πŸ“¦

Behind the product is a collection of Figma files from the different products I built on 2018. They include different iterations, storyboarding for the GIFs and videos, and all the different resources I had to create to develop the different projects 🚧

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<3 This has been an absolutely insane year. From not knowing how to even write HTML, to developing complex products with a back-end, I have learnt a lot and improved in a lot of different areas. Having built 9 products (including this one), I am certainly proud of what I achieved, and the experience I've acquired over the past months, specially. Then again, since of New Year's Eve last year, I had a single objective in mind - help others, meet new people, and make a positive impact on the world, and this is what I've tried to do through my products. I created to give attention to underrated content, to help you be more productive, to help you prepare your Product Hunt launch, to make our Twitter feeds more diverse & help the underrepresented & underprivileged, to encourage people to be more kind & giving, to help people launch & build their MVPs, to celebrate all makers, and to give products more exposure & help you find products you might have never heard about before. Overall, I felt that my last product (probably, I mean there's just one day left πŸ˜…) had to really take this aspect a step further. This is why I decided to make all my design work open source, for anyone to use, get inspired by or even learn & see how I put together the different products throughout the year. Hope this is helpful for all of you, & thanks for your support throughout the months, specially from Twitter, good friends & the Women Make community πŸ’œ Next year I will likely focus more on design & on setting up my first business, so I won't go in such a spree - but I still can promise a few big products, Newsletty is my next one!
@tcodinat congrats, it's been fun to see all your launches. I always was interested in your figma designs having seen them on Twitter so thanks for sharing them, and congrats on your year! I love that you didn't know how to write HTML a year ago and you did all this!
@graeme_fulton Thank you so much! And yeah I have been willing to make this for the whole year in fact, sorta why I shared the sneak peeks of my products in Figma design sometimes haha.
@tcodinat aah yw haha I see! It's really cool when something you do in small bits over a long period of time finally comes together!

β€’ True #OpenDesign assets!

β€’ These products actually went live so these are real designs, not the concepts you see on Dribbble.

β€’ Made in Figma!

β€’ ❀️

(For those wondering: what is #OpenDesign?)


Neat designs of the products which are actually working! #OpenDesign is the future. πŸš€


If you fall in love with these designs β€” you will have to pay a ton of money to make something like this for your project. πŸ€‘

Thanks for the kind words! ^^
Toni you're on fire lately! I love this kind of initiatives: giving back to the community πŸ–€. What a lovely idea!
@c10v32c1u6 Thank you so much!
holy smokes, i'm jealous. What a beautiful masterpiece in the designs. How did you manage to code it? I hope you win golden kitty awards πŸ† You are so talented! Yes i hope they nominate you. Look at the amount of work you done & the stuffs you contributed! That was seriously amazing to me. You struggles paid off Toni! πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸš€βš‘οΈ
@fajarsiddiq Thanks a ton! ^^
This is amazing. Thanks so much for giving back to the community, Toni! You're such a talented designers β€” excited to explore these.