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Ngô Xuân Huy
@xuanhuy238 · Founder of Money Lover
Hi, I'm founder of Money Lover app. It's a money management app like yours. I've tried your app, and I was so excited to see that your product was "inspired" by Money Lover. http://i.imgur.com/aj64NMG.png?1 However, I realized you are copying our designs & name of categories and I don't like it. In the short term, it's okay for a start up. But I thi… See more
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · 2X Saas Founder + Angel Investor
I think the only way to build something useful in this space is with SMS and/or wait two years once payments regulations change. The holy grail of expense tracking is being able to derive itemized data from purchases. Today, no-one does this. SMS is the best medium for it at scale b/c then it costs about $.003 per a text. The Fed, Visa, everyone is commi… See more
Subodh Kolhe
One of the best expense tracking apps which makes sure I restrict my spends with their budget feature. Haven't used the coupons but it makes sense given that it will eventually helps me in saving cash. Please add automatic bill reminders as a feature and also recurring bill tracker - will help understand how much more or less you paid this month. Simple yet… See more
Marie Tatibouet
@marietatibouet · French Entrepreneur in Shenzhen, China
If you got this to coordinate with my Wechat account, you would mean business ;)
Prajeeth Johnson
@prajeethpj1 · IT Savy
Hi Kumar. I like the concept. How about releasing IOS version to know more about your product ?.