Get notified when cryptocurrency markets are added to GDAX

Beep notifies you when new trading pairs -- like XRP/USD or ETC/EUR -- get added on GDAX. It offers email, SMS, and webhook notifications. Webhook notifications enable users to ingest Beep's data into other platforms -- like Slack or a trading bot. Beep aims to reduce some of the information asymmetry in the crypto markets.

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Nice job, do you plan to add other exchanges in the future? I think a lot of people would pay to have real real time notifications like that (there are job listings on upwork that ask exactly for that)
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@aviggiano Thanks! We can definitely add more exchanges. We were thinking Binance or Bittrex. Which one do you have in mind?
@marion_leborgne Well I don't have any particular preferences, so I would probably follow the list of bigger exchanges in terms of trades/volume, since that might be a good proxy for the interest of the public. Another idea might be to provide an API and approach traders who use bots and ask them if they are interested in notifications about coin listings.
@aviggiano Agreed. The reason why we added a webhook integration is because traders mentioned they wanted to add new coin/pair listings into their trading bots. Haven't gotten a request yet about getting access to the API directly but time will tell. Thanks for commenting and sharing your ideas, we really appreciate it 👍
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Have you seen this @sydneylai
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Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina! @william_wnekowicz and I made Beep to alert you when new cryptocurrency markets are created on GDAX. We'll be around to answer feedback and questions. Cheers!
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