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Visual workspace for Ideation and Collaboration.

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Raymond Hong
Raymond Hong@raymond_hong · CEO and Co-Founder of Osiris Systems
It's honor to announce (BeeCanvas for iOS) on Product Hunt! Since its establishment in 2014, We have developed cloud-based software dedicated to businesses and artists. Our mission is to create tools that help people create values beyond their limits. Tools have always been a part of our history. Without the piano, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and other great artists wouldn't have been able to make their achievements. We will contribute to the world by creating tools with which people can reinterpret and realize their own values. BeeCanvas is a visually appealing and creative brainstorming and collaborative tool. It's cost effective and useful for larger team collaborations like Google Docs. Even though verbal communication is often viewed as a more important or more central mode of communication, visual communication has many benefits and advantages in both personal and professional situations. One of the primary benefits from visual communication over verbal is immediacy. I hope BeeCanvas is really useful to you. For this moment we have been working hard for 20 hours every day. We look forward to your feedback! Thank you very much. DEMO VIDEO IOS :
Raymond Hong. CEO and Co-Founder of Osiris Systems Inc.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠Hunter@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
@raymond_hong it's an awesome tool, definitely. What are you asking the product hunt community? What kind of features are you considering? How will you scale this? Any plans to get it on other devices (i.e. big touch screens)
Raymond Hong
Raymond Hong@raymond_hong · CEO and Co-Founder of Osiris Systems
@milann Hello Milan, Thank you for hunting and leaving a comment for us! First of all, we are interested in hearing invaluable feedback from the Product Hunt community. The following upcoming features will be useful to our users: 1. A drawing feature 2. Integration with Slack/Evernote 3. Revision control for the Web version 4. Video/Audio chat 5. Custom templates We presently have 35,000 users, globally. Most of the users are designers, architects and project managers. However, I think that BeeCanvas is very useful for other types of customers. This is the reason we are announcing the BeeCanvas app on Product Hunt. BeeCanvas for Android will be launched next year. Thank you so much again!
Jinu Kim
Jinu Kim@jinukim21 · LINER CEO
Implementing the subtle details of the whiteboard and post-its is hard. Beecanvas not only figured out on the web but also on the Tablet as well. It' a general tool which is hard to build a good one. I appreciate their work.
Raymond Hong
Raymond Hong@raymond_hong · CEO and Co-Founder of Osiris Systems
@jinukim21 Thank you so much. Let me know if you have a question for BeeCanvas.
A good visual thinking tool in continuous evolution. Easy to use specially for distributed organisations!!!
Sanghoon Kang
Sanghoon Kang@sanghoon_kang
This is the most easily co-workable platform tool I ever used. It is like using google drive with visionary annotation. Finally, I could package all digital files in a single container. What an awesome tool!
Johnny Oh
Johnny Oh@alive_maverick · Co-founder & CEO at ALIVE Studios
When is comes to memorization and workflow, I've used some products, such as Workflowy and whiteboard. Thankfully, Beecanvas gives me unlimited inspiration and collection to work and get. It has awesomeness!!! Nice work!