Bedtime Stories

An ever-growing collection of empowering children stories

Choose from many different Storyworlds in every kind of genre written by authors from all around the world. Each Storyworld contains at least 5 stories with familiar characters and setting. The first story of each Storyworld is always free.

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Moritz Kobrna
Developer & Co-Founder @getbedtimestory
Hey Product Hunt, long time no see! It feels damn good to be back 😊

 I am super excited to share my latest project I have been working on this year (besides my daytime job & playing with my 8-month-old son 👶). tl;dr 📱📖👶🌜💫✨🛌💤 Early this year Martin (@crtvhd) (my partner in crime for side projects) asked me if I might be interested in building a mobile app. He had recently joined Michael (@michaelsokolar), who had the idea to build an app that helps parents tell exciting stories to their kids. In my first meeting with Michael where he told me about his idea in detail, I was convinced straightaway: This will be my project for 2017! Bedtime Stories is an ever-growing collection of exciting stories written by authors around the world. Each Storyworld holds at least 5 stories and some of them will continue over time. The first story of each Storyworld is always for free. Currently we have 8 Storyworlds and we will release new Storyworlds twice a month. To help parents even more, we provide individual story telling tips for each story (such as side notes or the pitch of a character’s voice). For the more creative parents they find a summary called “Storypoints” for each story. Storypoints summarize the story in a few lines that will let you tell the story in your own words. And for the even more creative parents we encourage you to try out the “Storybuilder”. Shuffle through randomly generated storylines and create your one-of-a-kind story. Things to come: Subscription, Audio books, Categories, Android app and many more. Now grab your iPhone, download the iOS app and tell your kid a story! 🙌 And as always, feedback appreciated! Cheers, Moritz, Martin & Michael
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@crtvhd @michaelsokolar @neuling2k Loooooooove this idea, great job 💫
@crtvhd @neuling2k @abadesi Thanks so much, great that you like it! Let us know if you already have a favorite story ☺️
Mike MielloBring the positive vibe baby!
@crtvhd @michaelsokolar @neuling2k isn't it amazing how life changes focus and ideas? I just had a baby too. Want to build some cool stuff for the little gobbers :) Congrats guys and look forward to checking this out :)
@crtvhd @neuling2k @mikemiello Ohhh, the cute little ones turn your life upside down - for the better 😍 Thanks so much, we had great fun developing it and this is just the beginning!
Johannes N
Wow, this looks like Netflix for stories!
@jollife Oh thanks 😍
Guan Xun Chew
Founder & Developer, WriteMapper
Fantastic idea, and brilliantly executed, well done! Would be exciting to see how the marketplace of authors grow as the app itself gets more widely adopted, and how those writers could potentially end up influencing the dreams and ambitions of our future generations. Impact could be way more far reaching than is immediately apparent right now. Best of luck! :)
@gx Thank you so much! From the beginning, it was our goal to put authors into the spotlight and let them connect with their audience. With the educational aspects, the storytelling tips and authors notes, this is a great first step. We've got more planned !
Crystal OrtizProductivity Juice is My Diet
I will buy stories on this for myself so help me God
@onefreeinternet Well, that would be well spent money 😂 Thanks! Great that you like it!
Deeksha AgarwalCreative Developer
Looks interesting! Surely gonna try this.
@deekshamahi Thanks so much! Send us an inApp feedback and let us know which story you like best 😍
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