Bedtime Stories 2.0

The Swiss Army Knife for storytelling


Bedtime Stories is the Swiss Army Knife for storytelling. Providing all you need to practice your storytelling skills from just reading exciting and empowering stories from authors around the world or telling stories by your own.

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Johannes N
Asaf Katz
Calvin Claus
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  • Johannes N
    Johannes N Dev Lead,

    Access to all stories with just one subscription; story builder which helps to create new stories everyday


    Just for iOS - an Android App would be great

    I'm happily using the new app version since last week; the subscription is great and helps a lot compared to the per-storyworld-payment in version 1.

    Johannes N has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Diversity in the stories and great stories


    more illustrations and an audio version would be even better

    Various themes from light to a bit more serious. As a parent you can decide on the full story or just take bits and create it yourself.

    Catarina Nordin has used this product for one year.