Chat with custom avatars, hashtags...and attitude

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I'm here :) Ask me anything!
@ShaanVP This is awesome. Is it going out to the massive email list that everyone signed up to when Bebo's return was announced? Also, how did the idea come about?
@ramykhuffash Yes it will go out to the big waiting list soon. For now, we just wanted to leak it out (launch via a tweet) and see what happens. So far so good!
We're #1 on Twitter in the UK but can't crack the top ten on product hunt hahah!
#congrats @shaanvp, @FurqanR, and team. It's been fun watching the evolution of the Bebo brand and products since the re-acquisition a little over a year ago (by @ajs).
Holy shit this is so much fun.
So far I've found almost 200 of them! Hurrah!
@srcasm make that 222.