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hey thanks for posting! I'm the founder of Beatrix - happy to answer any questions people might have. Beatrix got started in classic Lean Startup style. I was talking to potential customers about this social analytics tool idea I had (it was basically competitive intelligence for SMEs) when the response I got was basically the same: "Sounds interesting but we don't even have enough time to create social content, for us to be interested in social analytics" That's when things clicked - one of the pain points to solve for SMEs / agencies working with SMEs is helping them with content creation. Making it so their social accounts come alive, always have great content. I saw another service here called Percolate, who is working on the same problem except their target is brands and corporate teams (having worked in an ad agency with big brands as clients, I am pretty familiar with the requirements of that market). Looks like an awesome product. My target is more like small businesses and social media agencies. And individuals, like me! (I use the product every day, I love it :)
@rrhoover thanks! For content, there's a few levels to it. At a basic level we gobble up a lot of feeds. 50k or more. These are all tagged by keyword so that Beatrix knows roughly what the content is about. After that we do a bunch of filtering - we look for social rankings, we weed out certain types of content (like for example "Podcast Episode #57" - we make a judgement call and assume that people tend not to want to share things like this socially). We also filter out anything too time-sensitive such as news (e.g. "Apple launches new iPhone") since we don't want to recommend that when it's not relevant anymore, and it's really subjective to say when it loses relevance (for some people that might be a day, for others a week) so we just avoid it altogether. But, one thing we've learned is that you just can't fully automate this. It's too subjective. There's no "one standard" of quality that people hold content to. So Beatrix could create you a content plan and Person A might love it, and Person B might hate it. So the direction the product is evolving to is not a fully automated tool. I think that's pretty disingenuous anyway, making a "bot" that picks and posts for you. The direction we are going in is making it super easy and fast for a *human* to put together a content plan. As an example, in the beginning if you didn't like a piece of content you could click it and Beatrix would just swap it with another from the database. Now, when you click a piece of content to remove it, Beatrix offers you 3 alternative pieces of content which you can choose from (and you can keep clicking for more choices). So as an app it's much more aware of there being a human in the driver's seat. This strikes a good balance, I think. So yeah we'll have to work on a slight rebranding since our marketing pages talk about it as a virtual assistant. "Virtual Assistant" isn't quite the right term anymore, but we haven't got round to reworking those pages - been focused 100% on tweaking the product.
Great work on the landing page, @yongfook. It's engaging and communicates the product experience quickly. How are you curating/recommending content to share?
this is a pretty clever idea. signed up - let's see how it goes. fwiw - it clicked for me when you said "beatrix is your social media intern."
@ShaanVP thanks for the feedback - super useful to know which of our sales copy makes it all click for people!